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"Dr. Sudibjo has been our dentist for many years now, and we do not plan on going anywhere else. Before we tried this dental office, we went to about 4 other places, but this one was the winner. He is absolutely the best. We have referred many friends here, and every one of them say the same thing and end up becoming permanent customers like us. Dr. Sudibjo and his staff are all very kind, personable, and professional. If you are looking for a great dentist for the family, search no more. This is the place."
- Kevin N. Lake Forest, CA 2017
"My name is Stephanie Ford I have been working with Dr. Sudibjo for 10 years now. And it has been a great experience for me. Dr. Sudibjo is honest, kind-hearted and a pleasure to work for. Here we care about our patients. We pay a great deal of attention to all our patient's Dental needs. Everyone is treated as if they were family. Recently it came to my attention that our office has a few old Yelp reviews. Myself and Dr. Sudibjo have not been on top of our social media outlets. He is a little more "old school" there-fore our internet presence has not been very active. We have relied mostly on internal referrals. So we do apologize for the delayed response to the old post on Yelp. Now I would like to thank Daniel and Butch for their wonderful reviews about our office thank you guys. There's one negative review. It was written buy a non-patient of our office. We don't have a patient by that name or by those initials. I checked it .So definitely his post was a made up one, it was a lie. On top of that Dr. Sudibjo does not personally contact patients. I do, I make all the follow up phone calls. Hopefully his false accusations do not keep anyone from discovering a great dentist and staff."
- Stephanie F. Irvine, CA 2017
"I have been having Dr.Thomas as my primary dentist for several years now. Dr. Thomas and his staff are always great, friendly and professional. I had a bad crown located in front of my teeth was previously installed by another dentist with a low quality materials were a gray metallic color showing at the root of it. Thanks to Dr. Thomas now it is has been replaced with a new all white crown that fits perfectly. I am happy to have him and his staff. Thank you Tustin heights dental !!!"
- Butch B. Irvine, CA 2015
"I hate dentist (no offense to all of my dentist friends). But I hate coming to a dental office. My teeth are fine and I have taken care of all the cavities and root canals a few years back. But coming to dental office for a check-up is not on my top list of things to do.

Before my good friend recommended me Dr. Thomas 2 years ago, I have been going to asian dentist in Monterey Park. And before that, I went to the father of the that dentist in Fullerton (before he retired).

As long as I can remember, going to a dentist mean getting injection and painful memories of teeth being pulled. Ever since college, I have been going to this one old dentist in Fullerton. He was old, his method was old, and his machines were older than I am. He didn't care much of patient care as long he got the job done. I didn't think finesse was in his vocabulary when he treated me. Being injected before getting my teeth done was what created my bad memories of dentists. Then when he retired, he referred me to his son (located in Monterey Park). Well, he was as bad as his father, but with better equipment and a better looking assistant. His method was similar to his dad (I guess the apple doesn't fall from the tree).

At this point, I was tired of going to the dentist. That was until my friend introduced me to Dr. Thomas. It really help that he was Indonesian and he was highly recommended by my friend. Also he is located in Tustin, which was very close to where I live.

His place is located in a shopping center. The place is very clean and comforting. It's like going to a family dentist. Dr. Thomas is always smiling and very nice. What I really like about him is how gentle and careful he is when he worked on my teeth. I'm very surprised how I didn't feel the needle while getting an injection before my dental works.

Well, I am sold !!! He will be my dentist for my family. I have recommended him to all of my friends. So far, I have had a few friends try his dental service..."
- Daniel T. Placentia, CA
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13362 Newport Ave, Suite E, Tustin, CA 92780
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